The strength of IPG lies in its membership. This is especially true for a group organised to benefit from the exchange of technical and managerial information among its members. The following criteria summarize important issues that are considered in evaluating a candidate company.

Geographic location

We seek a diversified membership from all parts of the industrialised world. Each member represents a single country even though they may have interests in more than one country.

Family / Corporate

Family owned companies preferred but if a candidate is part of a larger corporate organisation, it should be a reasonable free standing profit centre. Membership will reside in the defined unit and shall not be extended broadly.

Product Orientation / Technology

A strong orientation and commitment to folding cartons, quality, productivity state-of-the-art technology and we expect the candidate to be a leader in its marketplace.

Market Specification

We look for companies representing a wide range of products, rather than look-alike companies in different parts of the world.

Participation / Openness

We expect members to participate and contribute regularly in all aspects of the IPG programmes e.g. meetings, visits, inter-company communications, reporting, host activity. Candidates must be willing to share non-proprietary information and accommodate member visits. The language of the Group is English.

Leadership & Excellence

Candidate’s position in its own country and markets as expressed by growth, market share, level of technology, cost effectiveness, quality, innovation and management systems will be the basis for this assessment.


Size is not an issue although companies at either end of the spectrum would be less attractive.


In addition to the regular membership category there is also a group of Associate Members. These Association Members represent the major equipment and material suppliers to the packaging industry on a global basis.

This purposefully small but very important group of Associate Members actively participate in the technical meeting and many activities associated with the general meeting. Their contributions in individual areas of expertise are valued by the regular members and, in turn, IPG technical and management forums provide a unique access to trends and developments for the Association.