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Our History

International Packaging Group, Association (IPG), is a global affiliation of folding carton and packaging producers and world-leading suppliers to the packaging industry. Members share a common purpose by meeting annually to exchange know-how on advanced technology, innovation and development, production methodology, exposure to world-class performance standards through plant visits and benchmarking among its members, and social-political understanding for success in an increasingly competitive global business community. We know of no other professional organisation that has engendered a comparable openness on a wide range of issues.

Our Objectives

  • To provide productivity data analysis for internal bench marking.
  • To provide for the free and open exchange of technical and business information among leading packaging converters on a global basis.
  • To conduct regular meetings where information may be shared in a congenial and informal environment
  • To promote innovation, quality improvement, cost effectiveness and the advance of packaging related technology.
  • To provide a candid assessment of new materials, processes and equipment among IPG members and associates.
  • To assist individual members in solving specific problems utilising the expertise of the group in a setting that encourages cooperation and openness.
  • To encourage exchange visits to member plants by all, either in conjunction with annual general and technical meetings or independently.
  • To maintain a group of active and associate members which exemplify all membership criteria.