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Posson - Inkanto

The customer was looking for a specific pack that could be adjusted depending on the quantity of the products contained – in order to have only one pack for the whole range of products. The packaging allows the product to be collated in twos, threes or sixes thanks to an innovative belt incorporating Velcro. This belt can be closed in three different positions. An additional handle can gather two levels of belts, increasing the potential number of products to twelve. When combined as two units, the packaging has a diamond shape, three make a trapezium shape, and six a hexagonal shape.
As it is for a small market, having only one kind of packaging reduces the amount of waste. All elements are printed in one sheet: belt, handle and pack. Thus, there is only one print run and one die-cutting process. The amount of carton board needed for production is also reduced compared to doing several production runs for each product quantity.

With this pack, we won the Pro carton Award in Non-Food category. Hereunder you will find Jury comments :

The shape of this pack obviously catches the eye but on inspection, we can see that the format is modular and can have different sizes. Its construction meant that all pieces of the hexagon were locked together through clever carton board engineering. The colorful graphics complemented the structure and the product perfectly.