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Proud of Product

Jones - YUNI Beauty LLC

YUNI Beauty LLC family of cosmetic products:

  • Shower Sheets (large body wipes)
  • Chillax (muscle recovery gel)
  • Yunicorn (daily mask cleanser)


What is special:

YUNI offers all-natural, sustainable products that cater to individuals on the go and support an active lifestyle. The company integrated Jones paperboard packaging with Thin Film Electronics ASA (Thinfilm) NFC tags to connect directly with its mobile-first consumer base. When each YUNI carton is tapped with a smartphone either in-store, on the go, or at home, consumers can instantly launch digital experiences including YUNI’s unique brand story, custom how-to videos with product usage instructions and tips, promotional contests and reorder opportunities.


Jones was the first folding carton manufacturer to receive Preferred Converter certification for the application of Thinfilm NFC tags to paperboard packaging. In achieving Preferred Converter status, we worked closely with Thinfilm over a four-year development period to modify processes and packaging lines. Now, we can apply Thinfilm NFC tags to packaging at high speeds, as well as scan, read and store data in-line to verify individual tags, ensure product integrity and automatically sort faulty tags. To our knowledge, we are the only carton converter in the world that has the capability to perform these tasks – and we were pleased to win the CPES2018 Commercialization Award from the intelliFLEX Innovation Alliance recognizing this breakthrough work.