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Acket - Bottle packaging El Dorado

Rum bottle packaging El dorado

Exclusive beverage packaging, printed on both the inside and outside. We develop exclusive beverage packaging with high-quality carton for a high-quality rum supplier. Materials and techniques

This packaging is not your standard foodstuffs packaging. Low-migration inks and coatings are used according to the highest European standards. The packaging features hot gold foil and embossing.
This is a long-lasting packaging solution which features a matte UV coating. This prevents mechanical damage during repeated opening and closing of the package. The construction and opening are specially designed to meet these demands.


Coffee capsule carton Bellarom

Special coffee capsule packaging, printed on both the inside and outside. Together with the customer we developed this high-quality carton. In the process we take into account the demands for transportation, efficiency in the production of the customer, and to perform on the supermarkets shelves. To really stand out in the competitive retail environment, foil is used to emphasize this luxury variant of coffee.