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A quick news update

A quick news update from the IPG to all our members and followers…
Due to an outbreak of Dengue fever in Guatemala we have taken the decision to change our meeting location to Switzerland 🇨🇭
Whilst we were hugely excited to be hosted by our wonderful members @SigmaQ we have relocated the event for safety reasons.
Within a remarkable short space of time the Committee have found the new venue in Andermatt, Switzerland (physical home of the IPG ).

Where all the Annual General Meetings have taken place in the world since 1984….

Every year the IPG organises two meetings for our active members and associate members…
Once a year a technical meeting takes place near one of our member’s production sites somewhere in the world.
It could be as far north as Finland or as far south as Argentina.
Such a gathering of technical experts amongst a multitude of cultures increases the chances of success in a competitive global business community.
Approximately six months later the IPG will organise a second meeting – the Annual Technical meeting.

Chairman Interview

Ed Zumbiel is not only the current Chairman of the IPG Association, but he is also President of Zumbiel Packaging - one of the largest privately owned paperboard converters in the United States.

No doubt he has a busy working life, but he always has the time and energy to dedicate to being the Chairman of this prestigious group and attending the bi-annual meetings – wherever they may be in the world! 


It all began in 1962 when a Canadian Packaging Director was asked to visit the Interpack Show in Dusseldorf with the aim of searching out peer companies with manufacturing systems for the packaging industry.

In fact, Ed Maylem (Packaging Director at Rolph-Clark-Stone-Benallack Ltd) found another 8 like-minded family-run packaging companies.

Whit Everett, Everett

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Joining the IPG was the single most transitional event regarding networking that our company ever did. With innovation at the forefront, the IPG brings years of knowledge and expertise in the packaging industry to your doorst

Dharshini Kerisnan-Chauhan, IPP

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Of the myriad of benefits that comes along with the IPG membership; I believe the diversity and global expertise that exists between our members and associate partners, to be our greatest strength. This along with our collective commitment towards collaboration to drive sustainability and innovation in packaging is our key differentiator. These characteristics allow us to future proof our businesses, create a competitive advantage whilst building the required resiliencies for sustainable growth within our rapidly evolving packaging category, globally.

Ralf Sammeck, Koenig & Bauer

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Throughout our journey as a proud associate of IPG, we have witnessed firsthand the many benefits and business advantages that have contributed to each member's success:

  • Sharing best practices - such as sharing valuable insights and promoting excellence.
  • Expanded industry knowledge - through a network that keeps us ahead of the industry curve.
  • International friendship
  • Trusted relationship
  • Foster cross-cultural relationships
  • Preserving traditions and recognizing trends

SN Venky, ITC Limited

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The IPG membership is an enduring association of progressive converters, primarily in the folding carton packaging arena. It provides for a free and frank exchange of ideas where the members can learn from each other’s experience and cooperate to raise their standards. The diversity among the members by design, ensures that one is in touch with all the major trends and enables benchmarking of operations and business strategy.

Hans Schur, Schur

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Schur joined IPG in 1999. It has been a remarkable 25 years with friends and business associates from around the world who gathered each year to learn from another and renew friendship. I have been privileged to participate at the AGM every year since 1999 and also serve as Chairman and member of the Management Committee. We have established a strong technical agenda and managed to bring new committed members into the organization.